Sci-fi Environment Concept Artist (Lead), REMOTE


Your Future role

Allods Team is looking for a lead Sci-fi Environment Concept Artist to create a wide range of semi-stylized environments and locations for an upcoming console/PC 3rd person game. Our ideal candidate should be an expert in everything sci-fi who is able to come up with different design styles and aesthetics within the genre, with strong spatial and architectural visualization skills and an expert eye for lighting and composition.

Key responsibilities

  • Create high-quality sci-fi game environment buildings, major props and landscapes
  • Create key art, reference docs, and provide feedback to artists working under you
  • Manage other artists and delegate assignments to allow smooth production
  • Work with the Producers, Art Director, Level Designers, and Narrative Designers to develop concept artwork that defines the overall look and visual language of the game’s sci-fi environments and aesthetic
  • Work within different stylistic and production boundaries set by the Producer and Art Director
  • Take part in brainstorming sessions for environment design development, based on content provided by the Narrative Department and Level design
  • Assist with quality control as concepts move down the pipeline, checking in with 3D artists during asset production, and answering any questions that may arise

Desired Experience and Qualifications


  • Loads of creativity!
  • High technical skill and craftsmanship in creating mechanical/sci-fi designs
  • 3+ years of experience in the video game industry or related field
  • Solid grasp of 3D sculpting/modeling programs and the 3D production pipeline
  • Good understanding of modern pop culture and its trends (especially gaming-related)
  • Wde knowledge and love for video games of all genres
  • Great communication and organizational skills
  • Being able to iterate quickly and come up with creative solutions on the fly
  • Experience in collaboration with Art/Level Design teams
  • Being an avid comic reader is a plus
  • Unreal Engine experience is a plus