Weapon Designer, REMOTE


Your Future role

Allods Team is looking for a weapon designer to create a wide range of semi-stylized weapons for an upcoming console/PC 3rd person game. Our ideal candidate should have a solid grasp of all types of firearms, and be comfortable incorporating sci-fi/mechanical elements when they are required.

Key responsibilities:

  • Creation of a wide range of high-quality weapons and weapon skins.
  • Create material and texture call-outs.
  • Creating 3D blockouts that could later be used as a base by 3D artists
  • Work within different stylistic and production boundaries set by the Producer and Art Director
  • Assist with quality control as concepts move down the pipeline, checking in with 3D artists during asset production, and answering any questions that may arise

Desired Experience and Qualifications


  • Loads of creativity!
  • 3+ years of experience in the video game industry or related field
  • High technical skill and craftsmanship in creating weapon designs
  • Solid grasp of 3D sculpting/modeling programs and the 3D production pipeline
  • Good understanding of modern pop culture and its trends (especially gaming-related)
  • Wide knowledge and love for video games of all genres
  • Great communication and organizational skills.
  • Being able to iterate quickly and come up with creative solutions on the fly
  • Experience in collaboration with Art/Level Design teams is a plus
  • Being an avid comic reader is a plus