Senior Product Manager for Conqueror's Blade, Amsterdam

product management

Your Future role

  • Work with the developers to define the regular game updates, sales content and monetization features;
  • Develop the product plan and strategy for updates, events, sales, etc. by defining the necessary tasks and strategy behind all elements;
  • Create the regular operations plans to detail work packages and strategic activities;
  • Identify and leverage sales opportunities across games and platforms;
  • Work closely with the Brand Manager to identify and leverage opportunities for Marketing support of your product;
  • Update and maintain the product’s Master Roadmap with all planned activities;
  • Oversee the daily operations for your product and work with the Game Operation Specialist to define the necessary work packages;

Project Management

  • Manage the execution of sub-projects within your product, such as update releases, major feature additions, major sales events, etc.;
  • Define work packages for all areas of your product, define the responsibilities and track the execution and deadlines with your product team;
  • Support your team with best practices for managing their workload;
  • Forecasting and Budgeting;
  • Create and maintain the yearly budgets and monthly KPI forecasts for your product(s);
  • Create special forecasts for sub-projects, such as platform- or update-releases;

Team Management & Communication

  • Oversee and manage your product team’s daily work and help them with hands-on support and mentoring;
  • Hold regular meetings / calls with your team, the developers and other colleagues as needed;
  • Take care of personnel back office and line management duties for your team (Holiday requests, Feedbacks, Salary Planning, etc.);
  • Ensure the communication flow for all aspects of your product inside and outside of your team and represent the title and its goals in regular Town Halls;
  • Make sure that all aspects of the product plans are documented in our internal tools and made available to the necessary team(s);
  • Work with your fellow Producers to share common knowledge and best practice across products.

Desired Experience and Qualifications

  • 5+ years of experience working in Product Management for online video games with a Free-to-Play model or similar experience;
  • You have created product strategies with a proven track record of developing and implementing action plans to expand games into new markets and audiences;
  • You have worked with monetization and audience KPIs and created action plans, forecasts and reports against these KPIs;
  • You have experience working with development teams in defining and implementing product roadmaps, monetisation plans and similar content;
  • You have experience working with Marketing in creating and supporting holistic Marketing Plans for game and update releases in the EU and NA markets;
  • You have hands on experience in managing projects from inception to conclusion;
  • You have experience playing on and/or working with Video Game Consoles;
  • You are proficient with standard office tools such as Word and Excel, Google Sheets and other online tools (Mind mapping, Project Management, Task Management, etc.);
  • You have excellent People management and communication skills and can work with multiple nationalities, ideally you have experience working with partners in China;
  • You are fluent in English.