ML Research Lead, REMOTE

data science

Your Future role

  • Leading and grooming team of data analytics and ML engineers
  • Coordinating experiments and required feature-set with C++ Team
  • Exploring and adopting ML practices capable to solve particular problems on huge datasets, investigating every opportunity until there is a thorough solution
  • The first problem will be predicting in-app purchases event in real-time (<3ms per prediction)
  • and conducting A/B tests to confirm results are statistically meaningful
  • Synthesizing disparate data, extracting insights from various sources, e.g. marketing, in-games, 3rd-party’s to be used in further experiments and pipelines
  • Participation or leading anti-fraud research and development (we would be happy to hire dedicated person for this soon)

Desired Experience and Qualifications

  • Education in Mathematics, Machine Learning, Data Science, Statistics, Operations Research, Economics, or other quantitative fields.
  • Solid experience as a lead data scientist (primary focus on recommendation systems or online advertising problems is a plus).
  • Knowledge of mathematics and probability theory, solid understanding of statistics, e.g. statistical power analysis, significance testing. 
  • General machine learning expertise, i.e. regression, classification, and clustering algorithms, time-series analysis, Bayesian methods, and survival analysis.
  • Prototype-to-production engineering skills in Python, including best practices such as source control, proper documentation, library packaging, versioning, testing, containerization, CI/CD, and task scheduling.
  • Advanced SQL and distributed big data processing skills (Hadoop, Spark) is a plus.
  • Professional habits around model validation, testing, and tracking; tenacious and self-catalyzing problem solving skills
  • A high tolerance for ambiguity, and coordinating effectively on a team.
  • Good enough written english.