Motion designer, REMOTE

motion design

Your Future role

  • Create high-quality gaming commercials for platforms (TikTok/Facebook/Instagram/YouTube, etc.)
  • Animate characters and objects in 2D
  • 3D app skills are required
  • Generate ideas for creatives, and subsequently, implement them

Desired Experience and Qualifications

  • A portfolio
  • Proficiency/experience in Adobe After Effects
  • Deep knowledge of 3D apps (C4D, Blender)
  • Ability to work with graphics and animation in game engines (Unity, Unreal)
  • Knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Knowledge of composition basics, understanding of editing rules and techniques, a sense of rhythm, the ability to work with color
  • Readiness to develop in the creative production field
  • Creative approach to problem solving, efficiency, multitasking, ability to complete tasks in a short time