At MY.GAMES, we are committed to creating massive projects that inspire our employees, build audiences, and engage and entertain our players every day. Through our hard work and dedication, we aspire to make everyone feel united in a single passion for gaming.
We have our fingers on the pulse for the latest global games industry trends. We select the best ideas, and bring them to life using the latest tech and world-class industry talents. This allows us to create games and services that reach millions of people globally.
We bring together diverse groups of people who share our passion for games, and who love to create, support, and play them. We value and implement input from across our company and communities and believe that together, we can achieve greatness.
Making games is the first step in our journey. We also create and maintain entire ecosystems of support, services, and apps that complement our games, and assist our employees and global player base with their everyday needs.
Our motto is “free to create and ready to explore.” We are constantly looking for innovative new ideas and solutions that will lead our projects to continued success for years on end. Our pioneering drive for originality is why our employees, partners, and players choose MY.GAMES.
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We like to learn and help others learn. This is why we hold regular educational seminars and events for specialists - from entry level to seasoned professionals.