MY.GAMES Announces Video Ad Creatives Online Jam


From July 21 to September 30, 2021, MY.GAMES will hold a Creative Jam on making video ad creatives, which will focus on the gaming brand’s mobile title Hustle Castle*. The best videos will win $6,500 each.

“Games are dominating the online mobile ad market, with one in five creatives in the sector promoting video games, according to the SocialPeta agency. Ads for games have always stood out as original, bold, and creative while having almost free reign. They are dynamic, grasping the ever-changing preferences of the audience. We believe that contemporary games advertising is a field that can help realize anyone’s creative potential. Even those who had never before been engaged in creating professional content will find many opportunities to demonstrate their talent and bring the most original ideas to life. And the first step in doing this is our Creative Jam,” said Elena Grigoryan, Director of Marketing and Advertising at MY.GAMES.

To take part in the event, applicants should send a creative video 10 to 30 seconds long featuring Hustle Castle characters by using the jam’s application form. The MY.GAMES team will be testing these creatives on Facebook over the following month. The winning videos will be determined based on the best Creo Success Score**. The results will be published on the official website of the MY.GAMES Creative Jam after September 30, 2021.

Four videos with the highest Creo Success Score will be determined as winners of the MY.GAMES Creative Jam. The fifth winner will be selected by the Jam’s jury panel. All five winners will receive $6,500 each. You can find the rules of the contest in full here.

*Hustle Castle is a Nord Studio mobile game combining elements of an RPG battler and economic strategy in a fantasy setting with lots of humor. You can download the game here: Google Play App Store

**Creo Success Score is calculated using the formula: Ret 2d (day 2 retention) х CTR (Click-through Rate) х CR (conversion to Store installs).