MY.GAMES Safety and Fair Play Values


November 11 is the Day Against Cyberbullying in Russia — an initiative launched by VK. For the third year in a row, people, businesses, and bloggers have come together to proclaim that violence, both online and offline, is unacceptable. MY.GAMES takes part in this event every year to create and maintain a safe and inclusive in-game environment for players all around the world.

This year, we would like to remind you of the Safety and Fair Play Values to encourage our players and ensure that everyone can journey into adventure without worrying about bullying or toxicity. If you encounter behavior that contradicts our Safety and Fair Play Values or EULA, we ask you to report the player immediately.

A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards toxicity. Behind every character and profile, there's a real person who is just trying to have a good time. The Golden Rule — treating others as one wants to be treated — applies to virtual spaces too! 

Hate speech, bullying, disruptive gameplay, obscene and discriminatory language, whether in chat or voice communication, are unacceptable, and we urge you to use the in-game reporting feature if you encounter such behavior.

Fair and Square

We believe in fair play! The best games are always the ones where players get the same opportunities — winning might be fun, but receiving an unfair advantage with ‘hacks’ or ‘cheats’ just ruins the magic for everyone. 

MY.GAMES actively monitors the use of third-party software and restricts access to players who try to get an unfair advantage over others. Any use of software that affects in-game performance, automates gameplay, or creates an unfair advantage is not welcome at MY.GAMES, and you can always help us by reporting cheaters in-game or contacting us here:

Towards a Healthier Future

Our games unite millions of people around the globe. We strive to positively apply our knowledge, experience, and resources to foster worldwide mental health awareness within the video game industry and beyond. Together with our players, we can work towards promoting diversity, equality and inclusion, fostering growth within the gaming industry, and improving the quality of life in communities worldwide. 

MY.GAMES participates in local and international associations, regularly supports global campaigns and initiatives, and partners with non-profit organizations, such as Safe in our World, Fair Play Alliance, Play Apart Together, and many others.

Let's create an environment where every player feels welcome together!