All-New Campaign Mode Unfolds in Warface: Global Operations

18th September 2020

PvE content and new weapons and gear added to Whalekit’s action-packed mobile shooter.

MY.GAMES and Whalekit today announced a new campaign mode for Warface: Global Operations. Mobile players can now immerse themselves in the shadowy missions, fierce firefights, and explosive crescendos of the Warface universe in an entirely new, story-driven raid set in Central Asia.

Somewhere deep in Afghanistan, aircrafts are disappearing without a trace and civilians are abandoning their villages to ruin. Taking charge of the elite Warface squad, players must advance through an eerie ghost town to investigate the cause of these mysterious phenomena. However, a dangerous new enemy lies in wait, and they’re raring for a fight...

Players can team up to shatter the mystery in multiplayer online co-op. Lead the assault against waves of soldiers, snipers, and enhanced combatants across several stages. Punishing bosses like the robotic SED will emerge as the campaign advances, and their mechanical might is sure to push players’ skills to the limits! Each part of the new campaign takes around 10 minutes to complete, making it perfect to tackle in short bursts.

Exclusive new gear has also been added to the story campaign, with six weapons and four pieces of equipment available across four different tiers. Players can expand their arsenal by completing the campaign on various difficulty levels, unlocking unique new gear that can even be equipped in online PvP battles!

Warface: Global Operations has undergone exciting changes since its launch in January 2020. Players can hone their skills in the Plant the Bomb and Free-for-All PvP game modes as they battle across the Italy and Pripyat maps. Ranked battles invite players to compete on a global scale, while daily Brawls shake things up with new challenges every day. Over 101 weapons, 16 sidearms, and 54 pieces of gear are at players’ disposal, while new combat mechanics like sliding and crouching complete the classic Warface experience. Hardcore players can even switch off auto-aim and aim assistance for a real challenge!

Warface: Global Operations is available to download for free on Google Play and the App Store.