Uncover the Mysteries of Storyngton Hall on iOS and Android Today


From the MY.GAMES studio BIT.GAMES, players can immerse themselves in 19th-century mystery, romance, puzzles, and even estate building!

MY.GAMES and BIT.GAMES today launched Storyngton Hall, a free-to-play puzzle game available on iOS and Android mobile devices. Set in the 19th century, players must navigate an age of aristocracy, complete with breathtaking balls, stylish soirées, and treacherous intrigue!

Storyngton Hall invites players to explore an old mansion and uncover the tales within its walls. Players follow Jane as she solves puzzles and delves deeper into a web of amorous intrigue and betrayal. The devil is in the details, with evidence and surprises lying in the most unlikely places. There are more fascinating new characters to meet along the way, each concealing secrets and quirks waiting to be discovered! 

By solving match-three puzzles, players can earn and redeem points to renovate the estate, with plenty of décor and furniture options to choose from. Players can also customize their appearance by dressing up in extravagant gowns that represent the absolute pinnacle of 19th-century fashion. Naturally, every occasion in Storyngton Hall calls for a suitably radiant outfit!

Storyngton Hall features:

  • Story of Storyngton: When the Green family wants to throw a ball in the old mansion they inherited, players step into the shoes of the youngest daughter Jane as she uncovers a story filled with romance, humor, intrigue, fascinating characters, and devilish plot twists.

  • Puzzle and Probe: Solve exciting match-three puzzles to move the story forwards and uncover the secrets of the estate’s inhabitants!

  • Restore the Mansion: Progress to earn stars, which can be redeemed to restore and decorate the mansion and its rooms. Make it look ravishing with antique furniture!

  • Crack the Mystery: During the investigation, Jane collects evidence that connects to the characters she meets. Use it to unmask lies and pull the curtain back on family secrets!

  • Colorful Characters: Get to know the Greens, including a socialite mother, a beautiful daughter, and a father who just wants a little peace and quiet. However, beware of Lady Wroth, a wicked presence whose evil machinations might wreak havoc for the family...

  • Dress to Impress: Outfit Jane with a selection of dresses, suits, and other dazzling attire.

  • Connect with Friends: Go beyond the mysteries of Storyngton Hall by competing with Facebook friends on the leaderboard, and send and receive gifts to each other!

Storyngton Hall is available to download for free on Google Play and the App Store.