MY.GAMES Anti-Cheat

Ensuring Fair Gameplay in Your Favorite Games
MY.GAMES Anti-Cheat is an advanced solution designed to provide full integrity in your online gaming experience.
It detects and prevents cheating behavior so you can engage game competitively and with confidence, knowing you're protected from unfair advantages.


PvP shooter
PVPvE extraction shooter
War Robots: Frontiers
Third-person mech shooter
Conqueror's Blade
Tactical action MMO
Rigorously tested and trusted by gamers
Regular updates ensure MY.GAMES Anti-Cheat remains at the forefront of cheat detection, maintaining the competitive integrity and fairness of online gaming.
Cheat prevention & detection for PC multiplayer games
Advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques accurately identify and eliminate cheating from your gaming environment.
License MY.GAMES Anti-Cheat
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