New Map, Robots and More Deploy in War Robots: Frontiers’ Tricksters Update


Stealthy and lethal Robots equipped with new weapons and abilities enter the fray on Mont, the latest arena.

MY.GAMES has presented a Tricksters update with a new payload of content for War Robots: Frontiers, the third-person mech shooter created by Pixonic's in-house team. The update is in line with the development team's roadmap and their commitment to continually updating the game as it progresses through Early Access. 

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War Robots: Frontiers is a multiplayer mech shooter created from the ground up for PC and consoles on Unreal Engine 5. The game features intense tactical skirmishes between powerful, highly customizable mechs. It was released in Early Access last November and is scheduled for a full release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC at a later date.

The Tricksters update introduces the brand new ‘Mont’ map. Easy-to-control beacons are situated near team starting positions, but a way to victory lies on the high ground. Players must take the hill beacon early, then set up defenses. The attacking team has a tactical advantage, as destructible structures on the hill can be attacked to send it crashing down on enemies.

The update also contains two new Robots, three new weapon systems for use on multiple mechs, and two new ability modules. Players can use them to create thousands of new combinations via the in-game Hangar, with even more landing in future updates.

Two new robot series, Raven and Loki, add more deadly tactics to combat. Raven attacks with a signature ability that unleashes a volley of lethal projectiles, the perfect choice for a pressing attack. Loki tricks opponents by deploying decoy holograms while entering Stealth to gain the upper hand. It may not be the toughest, but Loki's distraction game is second to none.

New high-tech weapons boost firepower and introduce new combat opportunities. Scatter launches sonic attacks that can cause damage through solid objects at a certain distance, while Shocktrain fires precision lasers that deal damage to an extra target nearby after its initial hit. Dragoon is an energy-saving heavy option designed to snipe unsuspecting enemies.

Lastly, two new ability modules offer ways to switch up the fight. Blink increases mobility with a lightning-fast dash, and Passive Shield provides additional protection by fortifying builds with its absorbing ability, turning incoming damage into replenishment. The Tricksters update also brings improvements to localization, a new default frame rate limit set at 60 FPS to avoid overheating on certain GPUs, and updated Store content and level rewards.

This is the second major update planned for the Early Access period, with the developers advancing with their next steps based on player feedback. Graphical fidelity improvements, balance changes, and further technical polish are also planned before the game’s full launch.

Players can join the Early Access by purchasing a Pioneer Pack, available via the official website and Steam. Pioneer Packs contain not only access to the game but also useful in-game items. Pioneers can participate in the game's development by trying out new features first and helping the developers by sharing feedback and suggestions. After Early Access, the game will become free-to-play when it launches later in 2023.