ML Research Engineer/Data Science Engineer, Remote

MY.GAMES is a leading European developer and publisher, driven by a singular goal: making great games that capture the hearts of players worldwide. Our community unites 1+ billion registered players.

We’ve developed or produced games, including War Robots, Hustle Castle, Rush Royale, Left to Survive, Tacticool, Grand Hotel Mania, HAWKED – and many more.

Our internationally distributed team consists of top-tier gamedev professionals. We work remotely, and our hubs are located in the Netherlands, Cyprus, Armenia, UAE, Serbia, and Georgia.

Come join a universe of professional opportunities: develop and support large scale projects from PC/console/mobile, and create products across various genres – from casuals to shooters.

What you’ll do:

  • Prepare and analyze in-game and advertising data
  • Build ML models for predicting "monetary" events, striking a compromise between performance (both learning and prediction) and accuracy
  • Develop strategies/distributed systems for optimal budget spending
  • Analyze and build ML models and heuristic approaches to cut off fraudulent traffic
  • Analyze user history from ad auctions using the unsupervised approach
  • Conduct A/B tests for model versions

What you need to succeed:

  • Basic algorithmic training: knowledge of basic algorithms and data structures, as well as their implementation in standard libraries
  • Strong knowledge of Python, ability to write testable codes for production processes, ability to solve analytical and data preparation tasks
  • English for reading technical documentation and analyzing professional articles
  • Knowledge of probability theory, statistics, algebra, numerical and Bayesian methods
  • Experience supporting the full life cycle of models, including analyzing raw data, generating hypotheses, creating models, conducting experiments, and introducing the results in production
  • Experience applying ML algorithms practically: linear algorithms (linear and logistic regression, etc.), compositional algorithms (random forest, gradient boosting, etc.)

Nice to have:

  • Knowledge of Factorization machines, SVD decomposition, and unsupervised approaches
  • Knowledge of Python libraries and basic data science
  • SQL knowledge

What we offer:

  • Work remotely from all around the world
  • Collaborative working atmosphere in an internal game dev community that unites more than 40 in-house and partner studios
  • A strong team of specialists across different areas — access unique expertise and professional knowledge
  • Possibility to experiment and work on interesting tasks with ambitious goals — we have all resources to implement new ideas
  • Create great games and win the hearts of players
  • Push the boundaries of the game industry and lead the way forward