For partners
Our team publishes games, with over 540 million registered players around the world. We publish projects from such industry leaders as NetEase, Smilegate RPG, Perfect World, Crytek, and launch our own projects and works from young studios in different countries. As a publisher, we identify the most effective ways to promote gaming products and services globally, drawing on the successful experience in preparing and supporting releases for home platforms, including gaming consoles, as well as mobile devices. Supporting each release includes preparing localization, technical support, working with the gaming community, marketing and informational support throughout the product's life cycle.
We offer developers to connect their games to our gaming platform and services. This allows getting access to a multimillion audience of users and effectively promoting projects on different markets and platforms using a wide range of modern technical and marketing solutions.
We help both young developers and experienced studios with additional resources for scaling a wide variety of game projects. We do not simply allocate investments, but also provide marketing and operational support to teams. We are already working with 14 studios and are constantly looking for new promising projects.
We have extensive media capabilities that help partners effectively interact with millions of players around the world. We offer a variety of cooperation formats, from traditional advertising placements to sponsorship and product integrations.


We have unique expertise all across the gaming industry, and we sense the opportunities the market offers while constantly searching for new ideas. We are open to cooperation with representatives of various sectors and industries to make big innovative projects together.