InvestGame lists MY.GAMES Venture Capital in the top 15 strategic investors for the first half of 2021


MY.GAMES Venture Capital (MGVC), the investment division of global gaming brand MY.GAMES, has today been listed as one of the top 15 strategic investors in a global industry report by analytical platform InvestGame.

The report looks at transactions in the gaming industry globally for the first half of 2021, focusing on investment volumes and the number of transactions with game studios. In the first half of 2021, MGVC concluded six transactions with a total volume of more than $20 million USD and was the only strategic gaming investor on the list with a head office in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

"At MY.GAMES Venture Capital we are always on the lookout to support talented teams producing unique games. As a global gaming brand with a portfolio including renowned titles such as Warface and Skyforge, we know how best to support studios with promising projects and ideas to create successful games. Making sure all partners retain operational and creative freedom whilst giving the developers the attention and tools they need to achieve their goals is an integral part of our approach on the way to the top 25 largest gaming companies in the world. We are extremely glad to see MGVC in the list of the top 15 largest strategic investors, and we will continue to support talented teams and help them achieve success in the international arena", — commented Vladimir Nikolsky, co-founder of MY.GAMES.

The MGVC Investment Fund was established in 2017. The division helps young development teams working on exciting and promising projects, whether at the early stages of creating a business or at later stages of development. The Foundation provides support for partners in areas such as game design, marketing, business development, production, project management, HR and investment analysis. Over the last four years, MGVC has concluded dozens of deals, with 40+ studios currently in the fund's portfolio. In 2020, MGVC helped 12 studios with investments and consolidated two-BeIngame and Deus Craft. In total, the investment division has already consolidated seven studios.