Sonus and MY.GAMES to Complete Testing of New Voice Communications Service for Warface


Sonus, a new generation of voice communications services for game developers, has entered the final testing phase for its integration into Warface, a widely popular tactical first-person shooter, published by leading international games brand MY.GAMES. Upon completion of tests, Sonus will be integrated into Warface, a highly successful game with over 100 million registered players worldwide.

Switching to Sonus will significantly improve the quality of voice communications, and will also provide gamers with new functionality, including voice detection and voice positioning.  The use of cloud technologies will reduce the performance impact on gamers’ computers and consoles.

Sonus integration into Warface is planned for November 2021, replacing Vivox service that gamers used to communicate among each other since the game’s launch in 2012. Following Sonus’ full commercial launch, it is planned to integrate this solution into other games within MY.GAMES’ portfolio.

“Oftentimes, external communications technologies for gamers aren’t delivering the quality players are expecting or used to from Social Media and other voice communication experiences. But gamers want the quality of their voice communications to be on par with the next-gen quality of today’s games.  For us, this demand creates opportunities to develop and bring to the market the newest voice technology solutions that improve the ease and quality of in-game communications and create new possibilities for gamers that were not available before” notes Marvin Liao, Board member of Sonus.