Hustle Castle Introduces New Event ‘The Steam Hustle’


Your castle, your rules!
Hustle Castle’s January event The Steam Hustle is already here. The game will also have a variety of updates and improvements.

  • Thanks to the feedback from our players, the developers have added the option for creating gear sets.

  • Complete tasks and track your in-game progress with Personal Progress rewards. You can find the interface in the Player Profile with dozens of tasks and rewards for completing them.

  • Numerous innovations in Clans:

    • The game now has personal clan tasks – each player in a clan can complete several tasks every day from the Message Board on the Clan Territory, and earn Clan Coins that can be spent in the Clan Store and to develop the Clan Territory.

    • We also added Personal bosses, available on the Clan Territory in the Gate of the Abyss. Fight, win, and earn Clan Coins.

    • The Clan Store has been significantly extended, with a wide range of goods for all levels now available.

  • Improved the auto-display system of offers to prevent multiple displays when you first access the game every day.

  • Changes in items and abilities:

    • Fixed the Sir Quackalot armor: the shield no longer falls off with the first damage dealt but lasts for an intended timeframe.

    • The silence effect is now displayed as an additional effect.

    • Changed the visuals of the poison effect. It is now smaller and less bright.

    • Fixed the Tomb Raiders alliance. Now mummies appear not in the center of the battlefield, but within groups of opponent troops.

    • Fixed bug in The Elusive and the Deadly alliance. Its members now fire arrows as described instead of throwing grenades.

    • Fixed the lack of uniqueness in the artifacts Forbidden Artifact, Black Raven, and Holiday Jingle.

Hustle Castle is an adventure RPG simulator where you can build your own kingdom, recruit and train the strongest army, expand your castle, and manage your subjects. You will face off against other players and various monsters who have taken over the lands closest to your castle.

Start playing right now on Android, IOS, and PC.

Don’t miss your chance to capture the best lands to build the most magnificent castle around! Players who have ventured on a difficult and thrilling path of struggle and victory will be rewarded in spades!

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