From Castle to Kingdom: MY.GAMES’ Hustle Castle Reaches 80 Million Downloads and Celebrates Its 6th Anniversary


This March marks the 6th anniversary of MY.GAMES’ Hustle Castle, the popular medieval castle simulator with RPG elements. Despite being released six years ago, Hustle Castle remains in the top-4 position in MY.GAMES' portfolio in terms of revenue. The game has been downloaded over 80 million times and has generated a total revenue of $367 million. 

Hustle Castle already has over 750 different weapons, 400 characters and mobs, 70+ sets of different castle customizations, and all this is complemented by 1000 unique music themes and sounds. Since its launch, players have created more than 1.5 million clans. The game’s most loyal players have played it for more than 2100 days, which represents almost every day since its launch.  

“The Hustle Castle team has reimagined the Team Battle genre, making it humorous and incorporating RPG elements. This innovation has been a key factor in the game's long-term success as a top product in our portfolio. The team continues to prioritize new content, taking a live operations approach,” said Vladimir Nikolsky, CEO of MY.GAMES.

The team fully upgrades and launches a new global version of the game every year, enhancing it with new core features. In 2021, the core feature presented was talents — a logical extension of the development and upgrading of the residents of the castle that provides many variations for bonuses. In 2022, the team presented the Titans update, which allowed players to summon powerful Titans to aid them in battle. Titans also included new events, equipment, and features, such as the ability to craft and enchant runes for weapons and armor. The feature brought in almost 40% extra revenue in the first 1.5 months since its launch.

In March, the Studio Nord team will present a new PvP activity within the game — Colosseum — featuring a special Titans arena in which players can fight each other for ratings as well as gather resources that can be used to upgrade titans and the castle’s dwellers — the latter with unique items that can only be bought in the Colosseum’s store. The Studio Nord team is also working on a brand new core feature for Hustle Castle’s big 2023 update that will be available later this year.

“We are very proud that Hustle Castle continues to capture the hearts of players across the world. From the very beginning, we set out to create games that players would want to play year after year and placed a heavy focus on performance and engaging gameplay. We continue to follow a product-first approach as we work to develop and improve Hustle Castle, and always ensure that any updates we release are of the highest quality, which is one of the reasons why Hustle Castle remains one of our top-performing games, even six years after its release. With many exciting further updates planned for later this year — stay tuned,” added Nikolsky.

Hustle Castle is available for users on both Android and iOS platforms.