MY.GAMES Together With Google and Amazon Web Services Announce the Third Season of Game Drive Program to Empower Mobile Game Developers


Game Drive is a business accelerator program aimed at creating more opportunities for the growth and development of the next generation of talented game developers

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – MY.GAMES continues to contribute to the gaming industry’s development, implementing large-scale projects for the growth and progress of the global game developer community, with Game Drive being its flagship program. The third season of Game Drive , led by MGVC, the investment division of MY.GAMES, brings together the largest players in the gaming market,  with AWS for Games, the games-focused AWS division, joining Google as one of the lead partners, along with, Unity experts, and Deconstructor of Fun. Game Drive has also adopted a new format, comprising a series of educational and networking offline and online events, and a call for project submissions open throughout the entire year. The first online event will take place on May 11th and the first offline event will take place on May 23rd in Malmö, Sweden, as a part of the Nordic Game Conference. 

This new approach will enable more promising studios to participate in the program and receive free consulting services, including expert evaluation, key metrics analysis, recommendations on step-by-step improvements, as well as advice on scaling and international expansion from MY.GAMES, Google, AWS for Games,, Unity experts, and Deconstructor of Fun experts.

Mobile developers with games in early access, soft or global launch available on Google Play can submit their projects via the Game Drive website, and the most promising applicants will be invited for exclusive one-on-one feedback sessions to be held both online and offline. MY.GAMES, Google, AWS for Games,, and Deconstructor of Fun experts will tailor their focus during these sessions depending on each studio's requirements. Games with the most potential will also have the chance to receive investment from MGVC. 

“We launched Game Drive in 2020 with the core objective of developing the mobile gaming ecosystem and providing game developers with the best advice, knowledge and expertise, to set their projects up for success. Today, the industry faces a number of challenges, and to succeed, game developers must review their tactics and come up with new ones. At MY.GAMES, we remain true to our mission to support talented teams, and we are excited to join forces with key industry leaders like Google, AWS for Games,, and Deconstructor of Fun, along with the Unity experts to launch the third season of Game Drive. This time around, we have significantly expanded our business accelerator program, preparing content and tools uniquely tailored to the needs of mobile game developers today, and we encourage all studios, no matter big or small, to participate in Game Drive,” commented Elena Grigoryan, Chief Strategy Officer of MY.GAMES. 

"We are thrilled to continue our support for talented mobile game developers in partnership with MY.GAMES through the Game Drive program. In the third season, the business accelerator introduces a new format that will provide participants with an enhanced level of support, addressing their needs and equipping their projects for success in the extremely competitive mobile games market. We are confident that Game Drive will be a game changer for game developers, and we are looking forward to assisting them in their growth and global expansion," said Vasiliy Pamukhin, Industry Head, Gaming, Google.

“The best games today are fun to play and ready to scale from launch. AWS for Games levels the playing field for all game developers to build, run and grow amazing player experiences with scalable, reliable, and cost-effective cloud infrastructure. AWS cloud frees up time for developers by providing solutions at all stages of their game development, from build pipelines, through to churn prediction and player retention with analytics and Machine Learning. At AWS for Games, we help build the best games in the world, and we are excited to support MY.GAMES’ Game Drive participants in their journey to global success”, says Liam McClary, EMEA GM, AWS for Games.

Game Drive’s online events will include educational sessions and panel discussions on the most relevant industry topics (such as game design, marketing, production, and live-ops), case studies, and AMA sessions, providing exclusive insight and opportunities to discuss them live with the key industry experts from Google, AWS for Games,, and Unity. The first online event will be held on May 11th and is open for everyone upon registration

The offline events will be held in collaboration with large industry conferences, with the first event taking place on May 23rd in Malmö, Sweden, as a part of the Nordic Game Conference. Participants will have the opportunity to meet and network with top experts from MGVC, Google, AWS for Games,, and Unity, receive in-depth feedback on their projects and discuss potential investments right on the spot. Registration is now open on the Game Drive website.

Game Drive was launched in partnership with Google in 2020 to help up-and-coming game studios scale their projects and expand internationally. Over the course of the first two seasons, MGVC and Google received more than 100 applications from developers across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East regions, and helped numerous studios scale their projects and reach international markets. 

To apply for Game Drive 3.0 and read a full list of criteria, developers can follow this link.