The Legend of Tacticool: 30 Million Brave Souls Engage in Mobile Shooter Game Mayhem


Tacticool, the renowned isometric cooperative mobile 5v5 third-person shooter game from MY.GAMES, has been downloaded over 30 million times and has generated a total revenue of $75 million. The game is among the top 5 best-performing titles in MY.GAMES’ portfolio - which spans over 70 active games and over 1bn registered players - growing as a cross-platform project for both mobile and PC gamers. 

"Tacticool is one of MY.GAMES top performing games for good reason -  it’s one of the most intense mobile shooters, constantly challenging players’ skills with 4-minute matches unfolding in varied levels and locations that change during the game, making it full of surprises,” said Vladimir Nikolsky, CEO of MY.GAMES. “The creative spirit of the developer team and continued support from the players means Tacticool will continue to grow and evolve, with exciting new game elements in development, and plenty more to announce over the coming months”.

Tacticool’s popularity stems from its combination of realistic physics and fast vehicle gameplay. Quick firefights against the enemy team or zombies take place in highly detailed locations, and feature destructible environments. The game’s intricate physics systems add further tactical variety to the gameplay, with more strategic play styles and experimentation encouraged.

Players can eliminate opponents however and with whatever they like on the battlefield by choosing from three dozen operators with unique skills and more than 80 types of weapons and special equipment, including drones and various vehicles equipped with machine guns. 

The game also features 19 interactive maps, each offering immersive environments that can both challenge and befriend players. With a thriving community of 800 clans worldwide, Tacticool fosters strong bonds among players by offering features such as Squads and Clans, and s a voice chat function that facilitates seamless coordination of actions, allowing players to select operators that best complement their squads.

Tacticool is available on both Android, iOS, and PC platforms.