Grand Hotel Mania Mobile Game Builds $100 Million Hotel Empire, Becoming One of the Top Games in Its Genre


Grand Hotel Mania, the popular time-management mobile title from MY.GAMES, celebrates its 4th anniversary with several milestones: since its 2019 launch, it has generated a total revenue of almost $100 million, has been downloaded over 19 million times, and, according to data from, maintained its position as the #5 game in the time-management genre at the beginning of 2023. Grand Hotel Mania is also among MY.GAMES’ top 5 titles, with the top markets being the US, UK, and Germany.

Offering fun and frantic gameplay that recreates the fast-paced nature of the hotel industry, Grand Hotel Mania has introduced over 30 new characters and pets in its four-year run, creating more than 100 costumes for main characters Monica and Ted. The game offers over 32 diverse hotels, regularly presenting new ones, to unlock as they progress, showcasing their strategic prowess and business acumen. 

“The Grand Hotel Mania team has always embraced a spirit of creativity and innovation, aiming to bring new elements to the time-management genre, such as merge and expedition mechanics, and introducing isometric maps, as well as two main characters that players need to manage simultaneously, along with captivating core gameplay and storylines” said Elena Grigorian, CEO of MY.GAMES. “Our development team consistently experiments, releasing unique content updates and launching around 10 new in-game events annually, so that the game resonates with players all over the world.”

In Grand Hotel Mania, players assume the role of a hotel manager responsible for a network of first-class hotels. They gain invaluable experience in making crucial decisions and effectively allocating resources to meet the guests' needs while building out their hotel empire. Managing the main assistants, Monica and Ted, is also essential, as they play a crucial role in attracting a large customer base and increasing the hotel's profitability. As players expand their business, they have the opportunity to visit numerous countries, each with their own unique characteristics and themes, in order to establish their own hotels.

Grand Hotel Mania is available on both Android and iOS platforms.