Rush Royale Expands Universe: Rush Arena Celebrates First Anniversary with 2 Million Installs


MY.GAMES, a leading European gaming developer and publisher headquartered in Amsterdam, celebrates a new milestone in its Rush Royale universe: Rush Arena, a tower defense mobile game still in development, marks its first anniversary and records over 2 million installs since its launch.

Rush Arena is a new tower defense game set in the world of Rush Royale. In its first year, which saw 50 million matches played globally, the game released 13 fresh updates, introduced 524 different features, and hosted 4 unique and engaging events. Its latest event, “Mirror Workshop”, completely reversed gameplay, challenging players to approach battles in a different manner by using identical decks randomly selected before the start of each match. 

“The popularity of our Rush Royale series continues to grow, and with Rush Arena we are providing users with a more diverse gaming experience, offering new ways for them to engage with the tower defense format,” said Aleksey Moshkovich, Lead Project Manager of Rush Arena. “Our team works diligently to identify hot trends and implement fresh ideas, such as new features or events, to provide new experiences and challenge users in different ways. This spirit of innovation stands behind the success of all MY.GAMES titles and is a cornerstone of our growth.”

Rush Arena takes place in the same universe as Rush Royale, the #1 game in the tower defense strategy genre according to, introducing players to the Isle of Rhandum but with new and exciting game mechanics. Players can engage in intense PvP arena conquests, strategically merge units to summon powerful warriors, and embark on exhilarating quests to unlock bonuses and new heroes.