Rush Royale Tops Tower Defence Genre, Achieving Record Player Engagement With Over 73 Million Installs


MY.GAMES, a leading European game developer and publisher headquartered in Amsterdam,  announces the year-end performance of its hit mobile title, Rush Royale. In 2023, the game achieved an impressive 2x growth in installations, $120 million in revenue (30% growth YoY) and hit the coveted $1 million daily revenue target five times. In total since its launch in 2020, Rush Royale has secured more than $280 million in revenue and more than 73 million installs worldwide, cementing its position as the leading game in the Tower Defence Strategy genre, according to 

“In 2023, we achieved outstanding results and significant growth across key metrics despite it becoming increasingly challenging to capture players’ attention on an industry level. This was all possible thanks to the dedication of the Rush Royale team, as well as our unwavering focus on creating the most engaging gaming experiences for our players,” said Alexey Kornev, project head of Rush Royale. “2024 is set to take the game to even greater heights, with fresh events and collaborations in store - stay tuned for updates!”  

The past year saw Rush Royale’s in-app activity flourish, with a maximum of 707,000 battles played per day and an average of 173 million fights fought per month. PvP battles also reached a remarkable 1 billion, while uses of hero powers and item mergers reached 7 billion and 91.7 billion, respectively.

Throughout 2023, Rush Royale enjoyed significant updates, including the introduction of new heroes like Jake Paul and Tooth Flicker, a "Dragon Rift" PvE event and a comprehensive overhaul of key heroes, such as Necromancer, Trainer, Trickster, Mermaid, Mari, Snowflake, and Jay. Other exciting additions to the game included new pawns like Red Riding Hood, Sea Wolf, and Banshee. The crafting system similarly underwent a major revamp, accompanied by the introduction of the "Enchantment" mechanic for equipment items.

On December 22, Rush Royale will launch a special New Year’s event that will transform Rhandum Island into a winter wonderland and give players the chance to engage in festive activities like snowball fights, present unwrapping and exciting battles against seasonal characters including a Snowman and Krampus. To unlock the exclusive Festive Pass, complete with rewards including the highly anticipated Legendary Genie unit, players will need to collect themed cards by earning Sweet Candies. The celebrations will last 14 days and take place in Arena 4.

Rush Royale is a PvP mobile game where gameplay centers around defending a castle from waves of enemies. Players are given the opportunity to build defenses using unique heroes from a replenishable deck of cards, each of which has its own characteristics and abilities. By collecting and combining cards, players improve the available heroes and fights in PvE and PvP battles. 

Rush Royale is available to play on both Android and iOS platforms.