MY.GAMES’ Mobile Survival Simulator Zero City Introduces Brand New ‘Colossi’ Feature


MY.GAMES, a leading European video game developer and publisher, announces that its popular mobile RPG survival strategy game, Zero City, has launched a major new feature, with players now able to access a second squad of fighters, ‘Colossi’, in their battles against zombies. 

Players can find the Colossi squad in a separate space accessed through the player’s existing shelter and then use the squad to battle against zombies. The Colossi squad consists of characters ranging in level, rarity, rank, ability, mutation, type, and experience, and can be strengthened by leveling up. Once users reach level 7, they access further opportunities, including the ability to build a dedicated Colossi room and unlock the Atomic Highway location on the world map. The on-screen combat squad comprises three Colossi, each of whom can be managed by clicking to view and adjust rank, mutation, level, abilities, and type.

Zero City is a gripping mobile game set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. As commander of the last bunker and shelter, players’ mission is to ensure citizens’ survival by training survivors, creating effective weapons and equipment, and building a fortified city. To date, over 845 million in-game PvP battles have been played, with the game boasting an impressive number of diverse content features, including over 600 different weapons, more than  250 unique characters, 70 base customization options, and 400 different costume types. 

"Zero City seamlessly blends the shooter and shelter simulation genres, offering a unique and engaging gameplay experience. With the introduction of 'Colossi', we aim to further elevate players' experiences by adding a fresh dimension to zombie battles. We're thrilled to see the community embrace this new update and look forward to continuing our commitment to delivering exciting content and features to Zero City’s dedicated player base," said Ksenia Averchenko, Brand Manager at Zero City.

Zero City is available on both Android and iOS platforms.