Warface: Clutch Launches New Spring Season Secret Lab


Publisher and developer MY.GAMES announces today that tactical first-person shooter Warface: Clutch is launching its new Season called Secret Lab. The season includes a completely free, renewed battle pass, new PvE/PvP, as well as both Prestige and RM Seasons and a new seasonal hideout.

The freshly designed Secret Lab season is delving into the enigmatic world of secret science underground facilities, with a primary focus on North Africa. Through an engaging Battlepass experience, players will unravel the mysteries concealed within clandestine laboratories, embarking on a journey of discovery and experimentation.

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At the forefront of the season's offerings through DLC, is the introduction of a daring mercenary squad, "Samoom," meticulously trained in navigating the intricate labyrinths of technological facilities and laboratories. 

As the season unfolds, players can anticipate the arrival of the seasonal "Egg Hunt" event, injecting a festive spirit into the narrative with a delightful Spring themed adventure. 

Secret Lab continues the storyline of the autumn special operation, excluding the events of the “Northern Lights” season. Nakai is alive, the Labyrinth is still strong. The cyborg infested laboratory was destroyed, but Nakai is still operating in other parts of the world. This time, Blackwood decides to attack another laboratory located in North Africa. Oberon hopes to acquire technologies for his soldiers, or at least leave the Labyrinth without them. 

The PvP aspect of the season tackles the concept of Warface and Blackwood battling it out over one of the major official laboratories of the Nakai Group, where the company conducts research for the production of medical adjacent products, including those that meet Warface's military needs.

Warface: Clutch is available via MGlauncher, Steam, Epic Games Store and on PlayStation 4, Xbox and Switch. For more news players can follow the games’ social media channels.