The Decade of Big Robots. Hit Mobile Shooter War Robots Celebrates 10th Anniversary


The game continues to grow and conquers new markets.

10th Anniversary Key Art | 10th Anniversary Infographics

Amsterdam – MY.GAMES is celebrating the 10th anniversary of War Robots, mobile multiplayer shooter developed by in-house studio Pixonic. Ever since its launch in 2014, the game has seen consistent growth, blooming into a full-fledged franchise, and gathering a huge community across the globe.

“War Robots is a unique example of the game that not only successfully performs for 10 years in a very competitive market, but continues to grow year to year,” said Elena Grigorian, CEO of MY.GAMES. “We are very pleased with these results and the fact that, even after years, we have been able to continue to unlock the potential of the project and enter new markets – China, for example”.

As of today, War Robots attracted more than 270 million registered players, accumulating over $900 million in revenue. 2023 alone brought in more than 28 million installs across all platforms. Now, War Robots has up to 5 million monthly users, around 600 thousand of which log in every day. WR is played all over the world and is consistently in the top 5 shooters by revenue in its key markets: the US, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom and Korea.

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of War Robots, Pixonic team prepared an important in-game event with new cool content, exciting cinematic, which expands the lore, traditional War Robots Live Show (featuring announcements and insights from the devs), and new merch for fans.

War Robots: from 2014 to 2024

Upon release, the game was called Walking War Robots – which later dropped the “Walking” part to become War Robots. Its metrics weren’t the best by modern standards, but it quickly gathered a loyal community of fans. That drove the team to keep improving it. 

Constantly updating the game is a part of Pixonic’s modus operandi, which played a major role in the development of War Robots. At the very beginning, the game had only 6 robots, 9 weapons and 1 map. Flash forward to 2024: there are more than 83 robots and 15 Titans, 149 weapons, 106 Legendary Pilots, 14 unique maps, PvP and PvE game modes, leaderboards and many other important features. 

Also, in 2020 War Robots received a massive and very ambitious remaster, during which the developers completely remade 80+ robots, 100+ weapons, maps, VFX, and added graphic setting. To this day, the game receives at least 9 major updates every year, and the team plans to keep experimenting and delivering new things.

Another big step for War Robots was its release in China in 2024, for which the team worked hard for many years. The game shows good results in a new market: it has already checked in at top 5 shooters in the region.

“I always say that War Robots is a unique game. And its continuous growth for 10 years is yet another proof of that” said Boris Burangulov, Executive Producer of War Robots. “There is only one way to develop and grow a unique game – gather unique people around it. All this success wouldn’t be possible without our team, their talent and passion.”

5 interesting facts about War Robots

  • At first, War Robots’ metrics weren’t very impressive – in today's highly competitive market, these would’ve led to the project being shut down. But it caught the attention of players and turned the situation around: 1 million installs a year after release, 100+ million in three years.

  • War Robots is played in literally every country in the world, including Antarctica and Greenland.

  • In 2020, the remaster of War Robots was highlighted at the Apple Event.

  • In War Robots’ 10-year history, more than 2.8 billion 6v6 battles were played.

  • War Robots is one of 27 games that received ISBN license for releasing in China in 2023. The developers have been working towards it for 5 years.

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