MY.GAMES Launches Zombie State, A Mobile Rogue-Like First-Person Shooter


MY.GAMES, a leading European video game developer and publisher, announces the global launch of its new mobile game, Zombie State. The game presents a unique fusion of two genres for the F2P mobile market - rogue-like and first-person shooters. Players are offered an adrenaline-pumping experience as they navigate through hordes of undead monsters, conquering various arenas along the way.

“Zombie State presents a unique blend of genres and is very dynamic and action-packed. There are very few games like this available on mobile devices, especially with free movement in a PvE shooter, thus, Zombie State finds itself in a niche of its own,” said Dmitry Lyust, Operations Director of the Whalekit studio at MY.GAMES. “As we see the game’s community grow rapidly and witness players truly enjoying it, we stay convinced in  the popularity of this genre and the significant demand for it. We’re excited for players to continue discovering the world of Zombie State and its mysteries as we have prepared a lot of great content - stay tuned for upcoming updates!” 

On the release Zombie State presents the following core features: 

  • A distinctive mix of the first-person shooter dynamics with roguelike elements: in a world overrun by zombies, players choose between diverse heroes, each with unique gameplay styles, and interact with mentors who help navigate the world. As the game unfolds, users will unleash characters’ special skills and utilize different combinations of abilities to gain strength with each battle against the zombie hoards.

  • Rich arsenal of weapons and equipment: As players embark on missions within the game, they will unlock a vast collection of powerful weaponry and specialized gear. They can also boost their hero’s strength with exclusive equipment.

  • A world full of monsters: Along the way, players encounter zombies with various mutations and confront the most terrifying boss monsters. Observing the habits of enemies, discerning their weaknesses, and vigilantly guarding against the undead's decisive strikes form crucial survival strategies.

  • The diversity of each region: Each locale presents a unique challenge, ensuring a diverse gameplay experience. Players explore multiple regions and game modes, each afflicted by the relentless onslaught of the undead menace.

  • Unraveling the secrets of the apocalypse: the Zombie State’s world is full of mysteries. Embracing new challenges, players uncover the story behind the cataclysmic events that have shaped the world. 

Zombie State also features Battle Pass with daily and weekly quests and heroes as chase items. Thanks to its genre fusion and free movement mechanics, Zombie State appeals to a diverse range of players, including fans of shooting, action, and zombie themes alike, all of whom value its action-oriented gameplay.

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