Rush Royale Content Creators Program Hits $500,000 Milestone in Participant Rewards


In May, Rush Royale expands the Content Creators Program to include content from TikTok users.

Rush Royale Content Creators Program | Press Kit

MY.GAMES, a leading European video game developer and publisher, announces that the Rush Royale Content Creators Program, available globally, has surpassed more than 100 participants with $500,000 awarded to creators since its launch at the end of 2022. By becoming official content creators for Rush Royale, players gain unique access to early playtests, a closed Discord section with exclusive game plan updates, direct feedback opportunities with the development team, and more.

Upon reaching certain levels in the Content Creators Program, participants start receiving a 10% revenue share via their personal creator code. Creators who exclusively focus on Rush Royale content on their channels can earn an additional 5% revenue share from the creator code, totaling 15%.

“The Rush Royale Content Creators Program participants greatly enhance the game's audience experience with their creative approach and passion. Their ongoing feedback helps us continuously improve Rush Royale, and we deeply value the community we've built,” said Kirill Kuznetsov, Head of Social Media at Rush Royale at MY.GAMES. “As we continually enhance the program, we're excited to welcome new creators in our program and see their content!” 

Currently, the Content Creators Program consists of three levels across three tracks: YouTube, Twitch, and now TikTok, which will be introduced in May 2024. To attain or maintain a level within the program on YouTube, creators must meet specific criteria for channel subscribers and monthly Rush Royale content views. Similarly, Twitch channels must fulfill monthly Rush Royale watch hour quotas and maintain a certain average of concurrent viewers during game streams.

The Rush Royale Content Creators Program’s Benefits

For the newly added TikTok track, creators will need to maintain a certain number of followers and achieve a minimum number of monthly views for each level:

  • Level 1: Maintain 4,000 followers and achieve 30,000 views monthly.

  • Level 2: Maintain 20,000 followers and achieve 100,000 monthly views.

  • Level 3: Maintain 100,000 followers and achieve 500,000 monthly views.

Participants of the Rush Royale Content Creators Program regularly have their content featured on Rush Royale's social channels and Rush TV (an in-game feature that allows users to watch streams and videos from YouTube and Twitch) receiving ongoing support in growing their audience. Additionally, creators are invited to participate in various special events and projects, such as Creators’ Friday and covering the Rhandum League Tournaments. Later in the year, the Rush Royale team plans to introduce a new mentoring and training system for novice creators.

For more information about the Content Creators Program and to participate, users can visit the website. They can sign up by filling out a form provided on the website. The Rush Royale team will then review applications and contact users via Discord or email if they meet the program's requirements.