MY.GAMES Store to offer 90/10 revenue split to game developers


 One of the leading industry revenue splits will apply to user traffic generated by the developer

International gaming company MY.GAMES has announced a new commission plan for developers choosing to distribute their titles via the MY.GAMES Store platform. The new option offers a revenue split of 90/10, where 90% of the revenue goes to the developer and 10% to the platform. The new revenue split applies to all purchases that have been made via the developer’s own advertising campaigns.  

To qualify for the increased revenue, developers must first generate a trackable link through the “Developer Account” area on the MY.GAMES Store. The link can then be used in any advertising campaigns on platforms including Facebook, Google, streaming channels and blogs. Purchases that are then made using the link will automatically provide 90% of revenue to the developer. 

Through the “Developer Account” area, developers can also monitor all of their game’s important metrics including click-through-rates, registrations, paying users and returning user numbers. With this data, the developer can maximize the effectiveness of their ad campaigns, as well as accessing the higher revenue split. 

“This month marks the one year anniversary of MY.GAMES. We want to celebrate a fantastic first year by sharing our success with our developers,” said Rodion Kotelnikov, Head of MY.GAMES Store. “We will increase revenue share to all teams willing to promote their games on our platform. The metadata we provide will give them clear evidence of traffic generated by their marketing strategies.” 

MY.GAMES Store launched in beta in December 2019 providing a platform for all MY.GAMES titles including the hugely popular Conqueror’s Blade and Warface franchise. The marketplace continues to grow, offering more than 150 titles from over 50 studios and publishers. Since launch registered users have continuously grown, tripling in numbers during Q1 of 2020.

As well as the new commission for developer generated traffic, MY.GAMES Store is offering the standard 70/30 revenue split for earnings generated by the platform. This revenue is reinvested into new development of the platform and attracting new users through various activities.

“We have put our heart and soul into developing a smart publishing approach for MY.GAMES Store, with the goal of being the best platform for both developers and players around the world,” said Vasily Maguryan, MY.GAMES CEO. “Although MY.GAMES is a year old, our team has been in the games market for over 13 years. During this time, we have worked with hundreds of different companies and developers. This wealth of experience was essential for us when deciding what MY.GAMES Store should be like to become one of the most competitive platforms on the market.”